Attorneys and Private Investigators

When Attorneys Cooperate with Private Detectives

Some attorneys, who have good research and litigation skills, think that they will never need the services of a private detective. However, it is not really so. Despite the fact that attorneys finish law schools and get huge career experience during the work, they can effectively use a private investigator for their needs. The point is that attorneys can successfully cooperate with private detectives. Moreover, such partnership can become very fruitful.

It should be noted that taking advantage of high quality private investigation services, attorneys can get many their problems resolved in a quick and effective way. There are no doubts of the fact that a private detective can make the life of an attorney much easier. Here, we will tell you how a professional private investigator can help an attorney.

Private Detective Can Help Attorneys Locate People

Very often attorneys need to find a witness or an heir for a criminal case. Sometimes this task can be very uneasy. In this case, an attorney can make use of investigation services, which are offered by a professional private detective. A private detective can help an attorney find and locate a person easily. So, an attorney can effectively cooperate with an investigator and save a lot of time on people search.

Private Detective Can Help Attorneys Locate Assets

Not all attorneys have the skills, which are required to locate assets. Nevertheless, private investigators can help an attorney with locating real estate, properties, vehicles, etc. Sometimes attorneys ask private investigators for help when they need to locate a bank account, which is associated with a person.

Private Detective Can Help Attorneys Obtain Video Evidence

Very often attorneys don’t have enough evidences when they are trying to defend their customers. In this case, the services of a private detective can become extremely helpful for an attorney. Sometimes attorneys may need to recover deleted electronic files that contain the evidence that can be used in the court.

To gain the evidence an attorney may also need to analyze emails, documents and electronic files of some people. Very often it is necessary to find the video evidence of a crime. It should be noted that professional private detectives have huge experience in gaining evidences for the crimes of different types. That’s why attorneys shouldn’t neglect the importance of private investigator’s services.

Private Detective Can Help Attorneys Monitor Intellectual Property

Trademark and intellectual property rights are often violated. However, it can be difficult for a private investigator to monitor trademark and intellectual property all the time and find the evidence of violating rights. Nevertheless, this work can be done by a private detective successfully. So, a private investigator will notify an attorney if any violations of intellectual property rights are found.

Private Detective Can Help Attorneys with Current Reconstruction

Very often historical reconstruction is extremely important in the work of an attorney. For example, an attorney may need to study the family’s history and locate heirs. Sometimes, it can be necessary to get the important details of the corporate history. That’s why defense attorneys can cooperate with private detectives to find lost documents, facts and witnesses.

Private Detective Can Help Attorneys Prepare for Cross Examination

When preparing for the courtroom testimony an attorney should gain as many important details as it is possible. In this case, the detailed report of a private investigator may be especially helpful for an attorney. A detective may help an attorney to obtain a lot of important data.

Cooperating with experienced private investigators, attorneys can get a lot of important information on witnesses’ background, behavior, weaknesses, etc. It can be also helpful for defense attorneys to obtain the information that can be used against their customers. It is obvious that private investigators can help their attorneys prepare for cross examination properly.

Private Detective Can Help Attorneys Know their Clients Better

It is very important for an attorney to get as much information about his/her customers as it is possible. Nevertheless, the problem is that not all clients are ready to provide attorneys with all the necessary information. There is also no guarantee that information provided by attorney’s customers is true.

That’s why it would be expedient for defense attorneys to get the correct information about their customers. So, an attorney will be able to benefit from cooperation with a private investigator. A private detective will perform professional investigation work and will help an attorney collect the information about his/her clients. This will help an attorney find out the truth about their customers and defend them effectively in the court.

Employment. A handful of very skilled private detectives/investigators work with defense attorneys on capital punishment and criminal defense cases. Many work for insurance companies to investigate suspicious claims. Before the advent of no-fault divorce, many private investigators were hired to search out evidence of adultery or other conduct within marriage to establish grounds for a divorce. Despite the lack of legal necessity for such evidence in many jurisdictions, according to press reports collecting evidence of adultery or other "bad behaviour" by spouses and partners is still one of the most profitable activities investigators undertake, as the stakes being fought over now are child custody, alimony, or marital property disputes. Most jurisdictions require a clean criminal record at the licensing application entry point. When a board of directors exists, it will review an applicant's appeal to determine whether the board can approve the application based on the elapsed amount of time since the last offence was recorded. The board of appeal may approve an application based on good conduct within the last five to ten years.

Private investigators can also be used to perform due diligence for an investor who may be considering investing money with an investment group, fund manager or other high-risk business or investment venture. This could serve to help the prospective investor avoid being the victim of a fraud or Ponzi scheme. By hiring a licensed and experienced investigator, they could unearth information that the investment is risky and or that the investor has suspicious red flags in his or her background. This is called investigative due diligence, and is becoming much more prevalent in the 21st century with the public reports of large-scale Ponzi schemes and fraudulent investment vehicles such as Madoff, Stanford, Petters, Rothstein and the hundreds of others reported by the SEC and other law-enforcement agencies. Source: Wikipedia : Private Investigators