Things That a Private Investigator Can’t Do

Things That a Private Investigator Can’t Do

People ask a private detective for help when they are in need of various private investigation services. For example, you contact private investigators when you need such services as background checks, finding people, gathering evidence, video surveillance, corporate investigation, private security and others.

Many people think that private investigators, police officers and federal officials have the same rights. However, this opinion is absolutely mistaken. In most cases, private investigators can help their customers. Nevertheless, there are also many things, which a private investigator can’t do. It should be noted that each country and even each state has different laws.

Therefore, in order to get more exact information on what private investigators can legally do, you need to check your local law enforcement. In this guide, we are going to provide the list of things, which private investigators may not be allowed to do.

A Private Investigator Can’t Impersonate Law Enforcement

It is very important to realize that a private investigator is not a police officer. According to the laws of most countries, private investigators have the same rights and privileges as an average person. That means that a private investigator can’t wear a uniform, carry a badge or use a logo. However, there are special badges and uniforms that private investigators are allowed to wear.

A Private Investigator Can’t Arrest People

For example, private investigators are not allowed to arrest people in the United States. Nevertheless, in several US states and Canada laws allow local private investigators to make arrests under certain circumstances. According to the laws of some US states, private investigators have to provide written consent when they arrest people. There are also the states, where private investigators are allowed to arrest an individual only either in public or only if a federal offense is witnessed. Therefore, people, should always get familiar with the local laws before asking a private investigator for help.

A Private Investigator Can’t Wiretap a Phone

It is obvious that wiretapping can provide a private investigator with the necessary information and can significantly help the investigation process. Nevertheless, the federal laws of many US states don’t allow investigators to wiretap a phone without consent. That’s why, in order to avoid breaking laws private investigators have to cooperate with local police officers.

A Private Investigator Can’t Get Bank Account Information

When it comes to bank accounts, the rights of private investigators are limited. The only thing that a private investigator can do for his clients is to find the location of banks accounts, which are associated with a person. However, private investigators don’t have the access to the private details and other specific bank account information. Also, it is necessary to say that a private investigator can’t perform credit history check. The point is that credit history is suggested to be personal bank account information. For running credit check and get the results a private investigator has to provide written concept and have legal purpose.

A Private Investigator Can’t Get the Access to Phone Records

Phone records are suggested to be personal or protected information. Nevertheless, investigators can get the access to private phone records using the legitimate investigative methods. That’s why federal and state laws don’t allow private investigators to get phone records if they don’t have a court order.

A Private Investigator Can’t Use Criminal Records and Court Documents

Despite the fact that laws of many countries allow private investigators to use criminal records and court documents through legal investigative methods, the access to this information is often strictly restricted. That means that investigators can’t always use criminal records and court documents in their work.

A Private Investigator Can’t Act Immorally

When doing the work and trying to get important information, privateinvestigators  are not allowed to use forbidden investigation techniques. Private investigators shouldn’t break laws doing their work. So, they can’t hurt a subject and bring damage to private property. Also, private investigators are not allowed to break laws on behalf of their customers. They must always achieve their goals using legal investigation techniques.

It is necessary to say that some investigators neglect the laws and use illegal methods in their work. However, you should know the information that has been obtained by a private investigator through illegal methods will not help you in the court. We can come to the point that dealing with private investigators, who use forbidden techniques in their work, you will just waste your time and money.